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05 Apr, 2024


The role of the teachers in the school is predominant. They not only transmit ready-made knowledge to the students but also help the students construct their knowledge by guiding them from their experience. The teachers will take special care to see that an environment is created where students are more active than a teacher in the process of learning. The teachers will act as friend, guide and philosopher for the students.

The faculty consists of a Principal (academic affairs) who holds overall responsibility of the entire school management supported by one experienced Vice-Principal and Primary In-charge responsible for academic matters and an equally competent team of grade teachers for pre-primary and subject teachers for other classes. Well-qualified, trained teachers have been recruited from within Nepal and India solely on merit basis.

Teachers will have continuous upgrading and updating by qualified teacher trainers. As the medium of instruction in the school is strictly English, proven competence in English language is a pre-requisite for all the teachers, except for those of Nepali language, to become the school faculty members.

The entire work of regular supervision, monitoring, support & coordination of academic & administrative activities of the school is carried out by highly qualified & experienced team of top management consisting of the Chairman, Founder Principal and three Directors.