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05 Apr, 2024


Reading habit occupies an important place in learning process. Library plays a crucial role in promoting reading habits among the students. The school maintains a library cum reading room which comprises of text-books, reference books, newspapers, magazines and other useful and interesting reading materials. In addition to lending of books for home study, Secondary level students are also regularly taken to the library for guided self-study. The library provides for an audio-visual section, and documentary/children's films are shown to the students at regular intervals. The library is managed in such a way that reading habits among the students is promoted. The school strongly encourages all teachers and students to make the best use of the library so that they equip themselves with up-to-date information and to emerge as voracious readers. The library encourages each HOLY VISION member to join the 'Readers' Club' which facilitates reading with an effort to make' reading' as the culture of the school.