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Holy Vision Kindergarten wing is one of the best in the locality. It functions in spacious rooms enough for children, teachers and assistants to play and dance together in the process of play way method of learning. The teachers are highly experienced and dedicated towards child care process. Enough play materials and learning aids with audio visual equipments are the greatest sources of the kids' learning.
All the stationery items are provided by the school and the kids do not have to go home with a load of books. A homely and motherly care is given to the toddlers until they move to regular subject wise class teaching from grade one.
2+ aged kids are admitted in Play Group and engaged in play and entertainment, making them to learn how to talk, walk, greet, remain clean, toilet habits, to sing and to dance, to eat and most importantly to socialize. They learn to play indoor games using a variety of play equipments. They guided to eat, play and sleep by dedicated teachers and assistants.

This level comprises with students from classes I-VII. There are three sections in each class- Makalu, Manaslu and Nilgiri- named after the world famous mountains of Nepal. We follow Montessori based grade teaching up to grade V. this has enabled the children to grow properly under the continuous care of the grade teacher closely assisted by another qualified assistant teacher. Typical subjects like Nepali, Abacus, Computer, Drawing etc are handled by separate teachers. 

Classes I- V get trained  from a professional expert. An expert in fine arts trains the students of classes I - VIII on regular basis. Besides, all students of this group have to compulsorily participate either in Yoga, Dance or Music classes once in a week. Such classes are given by experts in respected fields. Students take part in cultural shows and competitions both in intra-school and inter-school levels and win prizes, medals and trophies regularly. They are rewarded in the assembly every alternate week.
Class VIII students appear in Basic Level Education (BLE) board exam conducted by Kathmandu Metropolitan Education Wing, an independent education sector of Local Level Government.


 The Secondary Level Program offered by Holy Vision School provides students with a comprehensive education that prepares them for higher studies and future careers.
Our curriculum is designed to provide a strong foundation in core subjects such as mathematics, science, and language arts, while also offering a broad range of elective courses in areas such as social studies, arts, and physical education.
We have experienced and dedicated teachers who use innovative teaching methods and technology to make learning engaging and effective. Our classrooms are equipped with modern teaching aids, and students have access to a well-stocked library and computer lab.
At Holy Vision School, we also place great emphasis on character building and personal growth. We encourage our students to be responsible, ethical, and empathetic individuals who are equipped to face the challenges of the future.
Whether a student is interested in pursuing a career in science, arts, or any other field, our Secondary Level Program provides the foundation they need to succeed. Join us at Holy Vision School and become a part of our community of lifelong learners.



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I have seen Holy Vision rise and grow. It has been passing out excellent groups of students every year after the board examinations. I can see that the school emphasizes a lot in individual care of the students. Students use Standard English and I have always observed discipline among the students being maintained.

We parents want safety of our children, quality education being imparted and moral values to be taught. All these are being done in the school.We parents would be happier if the existing good teachers are retained for as long as they continue to perform well and if further exposure is given to students by bringing more extracurricular activities.

I have rejoiced every year seeing the school's outstanding board results. Recently they have put additional efforts to expand the +2 sections and that is praiseworthy.I wish the school to grow to higher heights even after my daughter- Prasamsa, (Cl. IX in 2017) passes out XII board from Holy Vision.

Mina Dahal Paudel
- Parent