For encouragement, students are given citations, awards and prizes for successfully participating in the school activities taking place in the school round the year. MERIT CARDS are distributed in the morning assembly for any praiseworthy contribution made by students, be it social work or meritorious effort other than winning prize in a competition. Extracurricular activities are organized every week and the winners are rewarded with certificates and prizes.
All students standing First, Second and Third from each class are rewarded with a trophy and a certificate of appreciation, on the Parent and Annual Day Function.
Subsequently as a matter of deterrence, demerit cards are also issued to the students violating school norms and committing acts of misconduct and indiscipline. Such cards are signed by the Principal, class teacher and the parents/guardians.
The school gives due importance to merit and exhibition of talent by students. Besides providing scholarship to low income group and backward community students, the school provides scholarship to meritorious students standing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the cumulative result calculated on the basis of four terminal examinations and unit tests, from classes I to IX.
The school gives high priority to performance, be it by teachers, non-teaching staff or students. The teachers working hard and helping their students to achieve high performance above the set minimum requirements are provided with extra incentive in cash accounting up to 20% of their basic salary. Performance appraisal is done on the basis of students' academic performance, class conductivity, punctuality, book reading etc.
Starting from academic session 2070, the best performing teachers based on SLC result, are rewarded as per the following criteria:
Each teacher will get a cash reward of Rs. 100,000 plus 4 grades, Rs. 75,000 plus 3 grades, Rs. 50,000 plus 2 grades and Rs. 25,000 plus 1 grade respectively for making all students to obtain 95, 90, 85 and 80 or more marks in Compulsory and Optional Mathematics. Teachers teaching Social Studies, Nepali and Environment Science will receive the above reward money and grades if they make all SLC students to obtain 80, 76, 73, and 70 or more marks respectively. Similarly, in practical based subjects- Compulsory Science, Compulsory English, Office Management & Accountancy and Health Population & Environment, with 75 full marks in written exam, if teachers make all the students to score 65, 62, 59, and 50 marks or more in written exam, they will be rewarded with the above reward money and grades respectively. The same reward money is also conferred to the Computer Science teacher if he/she enables all the students to score 47, 45, 42 and 40 or more marks out 50 full marks in written exam.    
Further, if 100% SLC exam appeared students obtain distinction marks in S.L.C. exam, all teachers, irrespective of their level of teaching, will get 15% of their basic salary, for 90% students passing with distinction marks 10% and for 85% of students passing with distinction marks, 5% of monthly basic salary would be enjoyed by the teachers for the whole year as bonus for motivation.

NOTE: The above criteria of students' score will remain changed and anew criteria will be decided if the SLC Board changes the percentage system of score to grade system in SLC examination.

In S.L.C. Examination, students obtaining 92.5+%, 90+%, 85+% or 80+% will be entitled to be rewarded with certificates and medals consisting of 1 tola gold, 5 tola silver, 3 tola silver and 2 tola silver respectively along with certificates of excellence, which are bestowed to them in front of a large audience during the occasion of Annual and Parent Day function.

NOTE: The above criteria of students' score will remain changed and anew criteria will be decided if the SLC Board changes the percentage system of score to grade system in SLC examination.