The school provides transportation to and from the school at a highly subsidized rate. Students commuting by school bus are picked up and dropped before and after school hours at the designated time and place. They are required to be present at their designated bus stop 15 minutes before the given time. Pre-primary children are handed over to their parent/guardian or authorized attendants only at the bus stop. Those parent/guardian who fail to receive their ward at the bus stop will find their child brought back to the school and it will then be the sole responsibility of the parents/guardians to collect their children from the school compound. The school accepts full responsibility for a student from the time of pick-up in the morning till the time of dropping off in the afternoon at the designated bus stop. No bus student is allowed to walk, to get on or off the school bus at any other pickup point without the written request to the Principal from the student's guardian. The bus route chart is available from the school office.

Van services are made available to residential areas with narrow roads where it is difficult for the buses to ply.