At the secondary level students are prepared for the school Leaving Certificate (S.L.C) Board Examination. The school follows the texts & syllabus prescribed and recommended by SLC Board.

Moreover, in order to enhance its academic standards, the school makes use of additional books and other educational materials to supplement the prescribed texts. The broad spectrum of core subjects include both Nepali & English languages, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Accounts, Health, Population & Environment, Computer, Drawing, Music, Yoga, Dance, General Knowledge, Moral Education etc. constitute minor subjects in lower secondary level. The school conducts four examinations during the academic session- three terminal examinations and one annual examination to monitor and assess the progress of the students and to determine their suitability for class upgrading at the end of the session. In between the terminal & annual examinations four monthly tests are conducted in addition to regular class assignments by the subject teachers. A teachers-parents meeting is held after every term examination on result days, to discuss about students' progress or lack of it, with the parents/guardians.

At the higher secondary level, + 2, S.L.C. graduates securing at least second division marks can choose to admit themselves in Management stream with the following combination of subjects: Compulsory English, Principles of Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Hotel Management, Business Mathematics, and Marketing.

On successful completion of one/two academic year/s in the school, students of both class XI & XII will appear in the board examination conducted by Higher Secondary Education Board. Prior to the board examinations, two terminal examinations and one Pre-Board examination are conducted by the school. Students must pass the internal examinations to be eligible to sit for the board examination.

Students' progress report of all levels- primary, lower secondary, secondary and higher secondary, +2 are sent to their parents/guardians at the end of each terminal examination. Parents/guardians, however, are required to visit the school personally to collect the progress report after each examination.